Arizona Chapter of RCI Inc.
Arizona Chapter of RCI, Inc.


Mission Statement

The purpose of this Chapter is to promote closer relations and cooperation among the professions, contractors, manufacturers, trade associates and societies which are engaged in, or directly connected with, the building construction industry.

Welcome to our web site:

The Arizona Chapter of RCI, Inc., through its members, provides a source of knowledge as to what roofing and waterproofing systems have performed successfully within our state, as well as those that have failed.  Through our knowledge and experience we are dedicated to providing a valuable service to our industry. Bringing education to the various professions, contractors, manufacturers, trade associations, and societies benefits everyone from the individual home owner to the largest institutional/industrial developer.

Arizona's weather is unique.  Within our state's borders we have such diverse climatic changes from Northern to Southern counties that it is not uncommon to have freezing temperatures and heat waves occurring simultaneously.  Our state's ability to experience radical temperature change subjects our roofs to damaging thermal cycles that often cause premature failure.  Along with enduring wide temperature swings our roofs also have to withstand intense solar loads from the sun.

The Arizona Chapter of RCI, Inc., through their members' collective knowledge exists for your benefit.  You can contact the Arizona Chapter of RCI, Inc., or any of its members, through contact information located on our web site.

Louis Hunt, RRO
Director / Past President